Naked I come to you?

Jim’s doing the washing-up.  ‘You sit there.’ he says to me as I twist the stem of my wine glass nervously.  Oh!  I worry about the the hob, the cooker, the work surfaces.  Will he clean them?  So I wait for that moment to go to the sink to see the grease line, glance at the uncleaned hob and cooker.  My chance to turn on scalding water and clean.

‘I’m doing a wash,’ is my excuse knowing that with a half full washing machine!!!  Well.  Didn’t I once clean for Molly Maid for 6 months [hard labour].  Lost half a stone.  So, busily scalding and cleaning I look up to see Jim wearing different clothes.  ‘Where are the ones for washing?’

‘In the washing machine.’ I am totally confused.  How had he got past me without me noticing.

‘Ah.’ said Jim. ‘Once you’d have noticed.’

What’s he on about? ‘Undressed in front of you.  Walked past you.’

‘Full nude in the kitchen.’ I replied, shocked, nay, dismayed I’d missed the view.

‘Once you’d have noticed.’ he responded with a crack in his voice.

‘Any-one could have walked in,’ I answered. ‘Rachael from next door, Michelle from over the road; even Sharon.’ Shocked.

‘They didn’t,’ he said.  ‘And.  You didn’t notice me.’

Oh Heck.  Get out of that one Lyn.’  Bit of making up needed here.  Or am I getting a bit too obsessed with cleaning!!!  Arghhhh!

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