Eighty-twenty-five. Halloween. 2014.

All hallows in the Christian Church.  So how many souls will be up and walking tonight I wonder, given the Ebola epidemic, Isis massacre of anyone, everyone who are simply there according to the news.

Do I want to watch the news?  ‘News’ rported as it is today, is alway bad; depressing.  Perhaps a month without BBC or any TV news, newspaper news and news in general might be like a toxic clear out.

My thoughts are with my gorgeous sister who died 9 July 2013.  Sue.  You are just so lovely.  You infuriated me in so many ways.  Remember the time you were teaching Early Years, and wanted the museum to send a Lion and a Leopard to the classroom to show the children what wild animals looked like, under the ‘nature into the environment’ project.  You argued, ‘Why?’ in your most upright defensive stance.  No person would argue with that and survive.  The response from the museum curators was – the dimensions of Sue’s school didn’t meet the dimensions of the aminals delivered, so would she arrange to have the roof of the school lifted to allow the animals to be delivered.

Sue.  Your zest in life was an inspiration.  You loved every challenge life offered.  Today I cried in Crimple woods for you.  I wanted you to be there,  To see just how gorgeous life is.  I weep for you. My gorgeous sister.  My wonderful and gorgeous sister.  Love you to bits. X

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