Not being a chocoholic I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  OK so chocolate was sent to the troops at the front in WW1, wonderful gesture from the company that made the chocolate, part of its war effort.  It seems that one soldier sent his box back home to his mother.  Was that a kind gesture on his part to celebrate, perhaps her birthday, or as a Christmas present.  He could have eaten it and sent her the tin it was in, which she would have used to keep her precious things, such as silks, cottons, needles etc.  Instead she kept it, didn’t eat it, but kept it and it ended up in a museum display in York.  So – it seems, not everyone is as amoured with chocolate as we are made to believe.

In a previous life I was employed as ‘evening turn down’ chambermaid at The Devonshire Arms, Bolton Abbey, and had to leave a chocolate on the pillow; a part-time job I hasten to say, to supplement my full-time job.  Having said that I loved this job, stepping out my awful day-time job into a glimpse of luxury, before returning to my then absolutely horrendous home life where I was just so tired I’d ignore the hassle given to fall into bed to sleep, blessed sleepDSCN1266[Sorry – Couldn’t find a picture of Chocolates so I thought this photo of Scottish fudge might activate the tastebuds!!!!].

Once, when going on holiday,  I left a scattering of chocolates on my wonderful husband, Jim’s pillow. That same night he went to bed in the dark, and didn’t see them until the morning when he couldn’t understand why his face was covered in chocolate.

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