Indie publishing

Looking into this seriously after reading ‘The Indie Author Mindset’ by Adam Croft, which advises how changing the way you look at publishing can determine the degree of success. Interesting perspective, and, the author talks a lot of sense. DSCN3937

So – time to take the leap.

2 thoughts on “Indie publishing

    1. Hi Adam. Just love your book. You talk sense. About to go with a collection of poetry with a group who have performed poetry collectively on radio, and also we re to perform on stage at the Ilkley Alternative Festival. I will be involved in helping produce a pamphlet of the poems we will be performing. Basically – I am using this venture as a step to learn about Indie self publishing. I have a novel at first edit stage [and love your advice about this and intend to take it] – and a collection of poetry, which, I will do as you advise and find someone to edit, as you suggest. I also want to find a good/great cover illustrator. Waiting for your next book for more advice to follow.

      Have a number of my works under ‘consideration’ at the moment with different publishers/agencies. But we both know what this means = I want to be in charge of my own publishing.

      I have been following an MA Creative Writing, and one of the invited authors, who had followed the Self Publishing/Indie route has had his work accepted by a publisher in India who sells into the Indian Education system. Brilliant. This is what entrepreneur is all about.

      So impressed by your outlook and view on Indie publishing.


      Lyn Towers


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