Scribbling giddy biddy

How I feel at the moment. At last I accept ‘Biddy’ status, having looked up Cumbrian slang – and yes, ‘ biddy’ is an old woman. So – I have to accept I am old.

I don’t feel old, despite looking after my gorgeous grandchildren aged 6 and 9yrs, and welcoming my neighbour’s 9 year-old niece into my home and listening to her confident view of the world, where she corrected her Aunt on a number of counts. [Her Aunt is a Staff nurse at an A&E section in a very busy hospital] – I now feel that after so many years of life on earth, I’ve learned nothing.  In my favour, nor has her aunt. But, that’s OK. Life is a learning process whatever age you are. That much I’ve learned.

Today’s happiness has been to be walking, running, throwing balls over the Strays, over the fields, and through the woods of Harrogate and the Crimple Valley with my dog, Beth.  What more can life, ‘to be’ be.

so, my new website, when it has been sorted, will be as the Scribbling Giddy Biddy – because, after so many years of life on earth, this is what I want to be, – a persona that makes me laugh. Laughter is the greatest relief of stress, and the greatest and joyful act. My life with Jim and Beth is full of laughter, – what more can I want in life. What more can anyone want.

Our life is simple, growing our own fruit and veg on our allotment, inviting insects in through wild flowers and a moorland patch, walking miles each day with our Springer SpanielXBorder Collie, Beth, and following folk music, [mainly Scottish – though Gordie MacKeenan from St Rupert Islands, Canada, was brilliant, and Runrig – Oh! to miss their Final Mile – we did go to Manchester to hear them.

In the middle of harvesting from the allotment – for autumn and winter. Busy time of year. Life is the most beautiful experience. DSCN2747.jpg



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