Crazy Day, Sunday.

Sunday walk, five mile through fields. Today they were all full of ewes, each field with two rams with colour coded straddles strapped to their breasts, to ensure which had done their business with the ewes; all of which looked a bit complacent and unimpressed. So did the rams I have to say. Most were laid prone, asleep on the grass. None of the ewes evidenced a colour code on their rears, which, in human employment terms, would be a bit challenging – sacking comes to mind.

Well – let’s give the Rams a chance here. After all the ewes DO have to show a BIT of interest don’t they, and IF they haven’t come into season – god Forbid, the rams haven’t a chance in hell to do their business. Though – let’s face it – they’ll be the ones blamed if there aren’t any lambs about next year. They’ll be next year’s chops – for the chop that is.

So, Beth was on her lead a lot, through ALL the fields up to the woodlands. Released here to her woodland world. This, her total ecstasy, a new world of sun rays, a world glistening with the wetness of leaves and grass, flowers, ground wet from the rainfall of last night, hers to spring through in total joy, following fresh and new smells.

We feel her joy and wonder as she races around the woodland chasing aromas we don’t feel. But, this is so lovely. such a place to be.


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