Doggy Dior

Which equals her human’s view  of exotic aroma – sheep shit. She rolled in ecstasy in sheep shit. Her total circumference of neck area was covered in a green, evil smelling to us, total joy to Beth, sheep dung. Plastered, hanging in thick droplets from her neck fur. And we were furthermost away from home, with a long walk back.

Doggy psychology doesn’t blame the dog. We apply this, and reward her need to come close to us with a ‘treat’ – to keep her away from us. No way do we want to make her feel she’s done anything wrong, so – we – very carefully warn people she approaches to avoid her – and DO NOT STROKE HER – though this has to be done sensitively – to ensure she is not upset and not done anything wrong.

We encouraged her to swim a lot in the Crimple Beck – and took her to our allotment to give her a ‘rewarding’ BIG WASH with our watering cans before taking her home, where she received a lovely warm water wash after a liberally applied ‘doggy shampoo.’

I feel a lot of ‘smiley’s’ should be added here. Thank God we don’t have three dogs = rolling sheep dung.

She’s asleep now on the sofa, so clean, and looking like the gorgeous angel she is to me. Love her to bits. She keeps me grounded to the reality of life. It’s really a load of shit – and there is doggy pleasure rolling in it.

Love my dog. Love life as it is. Love Jim. [He’s the human part in all of this.]

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