One of those brilliant days you remember.


Allotment time watering with Freddie, time to play on the Rec. DSCN4113.jpg

What can be better for a lad aged three, and a grandad aged – well, well over 60, to be running around and over the Rec with Beth, the dog, excited with it all.

The allotment, fecund with apples on espaliers, cordons and stepovers. DSCN4118 (1).jpg

With Freddie watering and picking under the guidance of grandad, and me, with Beth in the background, watching over her flock, DSCN4109.jpgwaiting for the chance to round them up, to play again. DSCN4112 (1).jpg

Grandma, watered by Freddie, slowly grows.

Life is beautiful when three, and seventy-three.

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